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Leather Colour Restoration

The natural oils in your leather furniture can easily dry out if left next to a heat source, including radiators and even too much direct sunlight. That means your favourite couch in front of the fireplace may be amazing for the ambience but not so great for the look of the piece. In fact, not only does this cause the leather to fade, it can actually crack over time.

However, our technicians can isolate and replace any damaged panels by using hides with the same grain and thickness of your current panels. We then colour match the piece of leather and stitch it into place using perfectly matched thread (even if we have to dye the thread) for a seamless transition.

Furniture Medic of Mississauga Leather Colour Restoration

Furniture Medic of Mississauga Leather Colour Restoration

Other common problems are due to spillages of household products:

  • Paint
  • Nail varnish
  • Ink
  • Incorrect cleaning products

These problems are easily addressed by our team by using special pigments which are tinted to match your leather. This ensures no one will ever spot the original damage. And once the colour is confirmed as a match, it is sealed in through the use of a protective top coat, completing the process.

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